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Welcome to Statecraft
Welcome to StateCraft We hope you enjoy your time on our New server .

Anytime you Need help ask staff
If you need help with anything on statecraft ask staff and they be sure to help 


Owner: Slifer247

Co-Owner/Manger: Markkeating12

Admins: Strume112,Mrfith

Mods: Ryan,Carson,YAJA

Helper: Snorrep,Melon

Donations coming soon
Hi guys if you like our server and want to donate we will be getting buycraft soon: donator: 5$ superdonator: 10$ supporter: 15$

If you want to play with your friends don't forget to let your friends know about the server

Customize your forums
We've created some forums for you, but you will likely want to add your own. In order to setup your forums, go to your Admin Panel > Forums. You first need to create categories, then place some boards into your categories.

Fill out your member profile
It's important you fill out your member profile. In fact, you can design your own member profiles by adding your own custom profile fields! To edit your member profiles, go to your Admin Panel > Membership > Profile Fields. Then you and your members can display information that is relevant to your team or group.

We're here to help you!
We're always on hand to give you help and answer your questions. Please visit the iClan Websites Support Forums if you need help. Also, premium customers benefit from our super speedy customer support. We usually reply to support tickets within a few hours for premium customers.

Head over to your Admin Panel and start experimenting with all the features, we're sure you will love your new website!
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